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Today anonymity is the rational factor — there is no such thing as 100% privacy on internet. People like Edward Snowden and Jullian Assange has warned us about the current privacy state of a normal person and what "Privacy" actually means to our country.

Getting access to a non-networked device by using the air gap sounds weird but this weird task has been implemented by some computer scientists. They have established a communication between devices that do not have active network connections and definitely, its like threatening the 'air gap' protection between two standalone 

Threat has been detected!

I'm sure you all must have come across this statement in your life. Well, it's time to push back the 1s and 0s. Have a look at the top five computer malwares that once drove us crazy!

So, Tech freaks, are you ready to switch to an entirely new internet experience i.e. free of bugs and hacks??..

In the digital era, everything around us is being monitored. Privacy has never been so obscure that normal people can't even control it -- to put the things in the shell of a nut, "There is no privacy on the Internet anymore."

Its not always Google, microsoft or Facebook, which are the victims of Hackactivities. This time something new has come up for us to notice. There has been a bug in the Mac OS since a very long time which apparently allows the user to get super-user level access without a single password.

A new bug discovered allows anyone to crash an iPhone by sending a simple text message, which forces it to shut down.

There are dozens of third party security tips and tricks that can help you secure your android smartphone and make it literally invulnerable, but have you ever looked closely at the default security options and features on your device? There are few in-built features on android devices which can protect your phone from intruders.

It appears iOS 7 has lots of vulnerability and developers at Apple didn't dedicated enough time, testing the OS they built for millions of users worldwide. We already know about the lock screen vulnerability through Control panel access and how to use it.

Google glass has been the most fascinating and buzz attracting project ever since it was launched or revealed by Google. It is premusably the future of personal computing gadget, which can define the individual activity as a whole.

If you are using blackberry services, this information might make you feel little uneasy. The new collaboration by Blackberry with the Indian government allows CMS (Central monitoring system) to monitor your messages and chats.

The recent security flaw discovered by popular security expert and jailbreak extraordinaire 'pod2g' reveals a serious security flaw in all Apple phones ever sold in the world

Indian music streaming website was apparently hacked, whose origination appears to be pakistan. The hacker released an online searchable database, which was later patched by the Gaana security team.

Its been a really tough time for sony Corp. considering all the lawsuits and hacks going on its network and databases. Latest was the hack which severely and abruptly disabled the complete network of Sony's Playstation along with Microsoft's online network for its Xbox gaming consoles.

Just when people thought they can relax and enjoy their vacations at home, using all the online entertainment media to enjoy some quality time with their family, something terrible happened. A group of hackers, claimed to posses 13,000 accounts which belongs to major retail and entertainment services.

Its been a silent and long time in the hackactivities section, but consider the latest dsiclosure report that came into news this tuesday on major publishing company websites. Apparently it states that a new group of Russian hackers have created a database of username and passwords.

Some might say that this is the biggest international hacking scandal but not because they just like to. Its more because of the involved corporations, Associations and very famous individuals.

Some Pro-Palestinian hackers hijacked the DNS entry of the domain's of the two security firms yesterday. The popular antivirus companies - ESET and bitdefender's website was hijacked when hackers with alias "KDMS Team" changed the DNS entry of the domains and pointed the website to some other server to send their message to millions of people.

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