EA Origin server is exploitable - 40 million users under constant hack threat!

The world of gaming is always under some troubles or other. This time it's one of the biggest game designers of current gaming industry is under the beating. It kind of looks like this bad period of Electronic Arts is never gonna end. Firstly there were some big issue in the sim city servers and then surprise resignation of its CEO John Riccitiello. And now it looks like the company can simply compromise the information and security of millions of players. The list of the problems to be solved by the company seems to growing bigger and bigger day by day.

The hacking problem can be faced by all those 40 million users who use the EA Origin service for gaming and they all are under the constant threat of being hacked. The hack is solely due a design flaw which apparently gives the hackers an alternate window to run malicious code on any targeted computer without any physical support.

This platform of gaming came as a step to remove anti-piracy and operated that way also as a connector between different users worldwide. This service is like the uplay service required to be activated for Ubisoft games, and thus the upcoming games like DICE's Battlefield 3 or Sim City, all need the same EA Origins service to be activated on windows. Even though the service uses online connectivity, the problem is that they use addresses just like the normal internet making it even easier for hackers. First there were only local bugs but now the status has changed and all the major bugs have gone remote and online.

origin exploit 1

The thing to notice is that instead of this ongoing problem from a very long time, there hasn't been a single occasion when EA has addressed the public about these glitches. So it's better if the gamers take some common security measures to be safe from future attacks.

But Aren't you curious to as how the hack works? Well, it's complicated, but then which hack is easy. Every game is executed using a shortcut, and the hackers can long to the "Origin URI handling mechanism", that controls your information at Origins server and then might slip you attack codes in a small dll file. The hackers can even get your game ID and other info, then that could really make their task easy. Once the dll is in your system, the next time you run the game, dll runs and so runs the code, cracking open the shield of your system to the hacker.

orgin design flaw 1

What you can do is now that you should not use the desktop shortcuts or any other command parameters, as they are of no help. The only safe way is to open the game through the EA Origins client. The above step prevents the Origin's URI handler to execute, and thus protecting you from the hackers search areas. It's really shocking to notice the same thing actually happened with Valve's steam client, which is also a gaming platform, and just like EA they also have completely ignored their users safety.

What do you think about the above-said words? Are we safe or safety is just an illusion? share with us.
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