Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z, which one is better?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is scheduled to be released later this month, but other gadgets are ready to compete with it already. Galaxy S4 seems to be quite promising and it is packed with super cooled features which is quite fascinating in tech savy world.

Sony surprised everyone with their new release in the high-end smartphone range, Xperia Z - which is quite powerful and feature rich as well. The device seems to be packed with quite a few right things in the hardware department.

This might be the Sony's comeback in smartphone makers world, and it sure can be a very crucial step which can determine the breakthrough level. When we first got our eyes on the device we sure got a hunch that it could be a right competitor to "the next big thing!" which is going to be released by Samsung.

Sony really has the potential to overcome the mighty Samsung Galaxy S4? Lets have a look at both of them.

digitfreak 00186 samsung galaxy s4 vs sony xperia z specsFrom the specs listed above, you can easily figure out that Samsung Galaxy S4 is a strong candidate, which can easily beat XZ.


Build Quality and Design

digitfreak 00189 sony xperia z build qualitySamsung is surely gonna loose in this field - the plastic body ceases away the show and hands this section to just any other gadget which can give you a premium feel. The plastic-bodied design of SGS4 is a bit too much like the SGS3. But, Sony Xperia Z just makes itself shine in the crowd.

Both phones are about the same size and weight (give or take a little). Rounded corner and slim body and polycarbonate backing of Galaxy S4 is little too outraced by Xperia Z, which has feature glass on its back.

But, it totally depends on the taste - some of you will prefer the classy feel of Galaxy S4 and some of you will die for the premium look provided by the XZ.



digitfreak 00191 sony xperia z vs samsung galaxy s4 display comparisionGalaxy S4 and Xperia Z both supports the full 1080p videos and the displays packed in the gadget features 1920x1080 resolution with 441ppi ratios. The big drawback with XZ is TFT screen in comparison with Samsung SG4's sAMOLED display.

However, both displays can provide crisp sharp images and razor sharp experience despite of their deference on the technical side.

digitfreak 00192 display comparision angle



digitfreak 00193 samsung galaxy s4 backThere are no winner here - it can be declared as a tie. Both smartphones features almost identical camera specs. While Galaxy S4 sports 13MP rear camera with flash and 2 MP front shooter, Xperia Z comes with the 13.1 MP rear camera that too with flash and 2.2MP front shooter.

The picture quality doesn't depends on the Mega pixels, so you it doesn't makes sense, pointing to the Xperia Z as a winner. The real work is performed by the software and lenses used. 


Other Hardwares (The Game changer):

digitfreak 00190 samsung galaxy s4 vs xperia zWhen it comes to the real hardware (basically) - CPU, Ram and internal memory, I think Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 is a win win! The phone features a Exynos 5 Octa SoC (international) you get the power of four high-speed A16 cores, alongside four high-efficiency A7 cores. There is also a three-core PowerVR GPU. In the North American version, the Galaxy S4 has a Snapdragon 600.

While the Xperia Z’s Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro isn’t a bad chip by any means – the mobile tech world moves quickly and the S4 Pro certainly isn’t the leader of the pack anymore.

Additionally, S4 is packed with so many software features (like - IR blaster, smart stay, smart scroll and many other), but, software side is the real drawback of sony xperia z (However, xperia z is tightly integrated with sony's media services and is a capable enough build).

But XZ's waterproof/dustproof body can be a great addition if you are a rough user just like me. The frequent traveler can be benefited by this feature too.



Sony XZ packs a 2330 mAh batter, while the SGS4 has a bigger battery marked at 2600 mAh. Basically both phones will provide almost same battery backup - considering the 5-inch sAMOLED display and powerful CPU of Galaxy S4 and 5-inch TFT display of Sony XZ. But the Samsung really wins here in one regard: you can remove S4's batter, while it is fixed in XZ.


Operating System

digitfreak 00194 jelly beanBoth gadgets we are talking about runs on Android by they both sports different versions. Galaxy S4 runs on latest Jelly Bean 4.2 with samsung's touch wiz interface and tons of custom softwares while Xperia Z is based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. So Samsung Galaxy S4 is a winner of this category.



xperia 1Both phones are capable enough to empower your general tasks as well as more power hungry operations, but owning the excellence in the comparison can make a difference. If you are really looking for the premium outer look with dustproof/waterproof capabilities, Sony Xperia Z is going to satisfy, as long as you don't care about the newer hardware specs.

digitfreak 00195 samsung galaxy s4But, if you don't give a damn about the outer premium look and feel, you should definitely go for the S4. It has better features and hardware specs inside the gadget.

At the end it really depends on your taste - what you really want.

Which one you are going to pick? Samsung Galaxy S4 which is better from inside or the Sony Xperia Z which gives you premium feel from the outside? Lets jump into the comments and start the discussion.

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