Teen mishap- shoots his own brother accidentally!

Strange news is always coming out through the windows of our brains. In a strange event , a teenager shot and killed his own 12 years old brother and the reason behind it was that he mistook him for an intruder in his home. Their residence is located in Florida.

The police is also under shock and are making a statement that the older one (16 years old) was alone in his home when the younger brother arrived. He heard lots of noises and grew suspicious about who it was. The suspicion grew even stronger as he called out his brother's name but didn't get any reply. The case comes under the Orlando PD's Detective MIke Moreschi, who told that the boy got scared and took shot for the intruder which came out to be his own younger brother.

boy kill brother by mistake 1

The moment the boy realised what mistake he has done, he was under great shock but still somehow managed to call 911 and reported whatever happened. The victim was taken to a nearby Arnold Palmer Hospital where he was announed dead shortly after. But even though the said conditions the family was taken to the police station for further questioning and then released few hours later.

accidental shooting 1

The family is actually going through a very bad time and they can't seem to cope through everything so soon enough. The boy is really stressed and then comes the family which is completely helpless. The police also added that the teenager will not be charged for any crime, but there is a possibility that the state attorney's office might be looking into for any possible neglects. The neighbours are very sympathetic and it's heartbreaking for them to know what happened.

Well the family will do what it can to forget the past , but sure it ain't going to be easy. Share what you think about the incident, and we are here to listen.

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