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The government of India has allowed Google to beam internet connectivity from balloons 20 kilometres above the ground.

Google revealed a new, more playful official logo to represent the Search Giant, but Do you know about its history?

Youtube Gaming is looking to take the video game streaming world by storm. Does it have what it takes to beat

Microsoft has launched Surface Book, an advanced and hybrid laptop capable of beating every other laptop including MacBook Pro with its larger screen, faster processor and cool looks.

Microsoft might not be able to deliver Windows 10 update on 29th July for everyone. With such a huge group - more than 1 Million, it is expected to be delayed.

Rather fancy name for the Internet Explorer - 'Project Spartan' has been replaced with more techie alternative 'Edge' in the latest windows 10 Preview build.

The annual Apple Event held on 9th September introduced several new features to the Apple Watch. Few of these are indeed revolutionary, let’s find out.

Apple TV (2015) has some interesting new features, and the tvOS announced during the event offer a tight integration to iOS9 devices. Most interesting of them all? — the specially designed wireless controller. Is it worth it?

Apple at the 9th September event has announced the launch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, an Apple TV with Siri integration, a new iPod and Watch. Let’s take a look at these products.

The Indian government issued order to lift the ban from all the porn websites, but there are conditions and your ISP may not unblock these websites just yet.

Pirate users who got the counterfiet version of Malwarebytes software, are blessed by the companies policy to turn them into their customer by handing over free license keys. Hopes to Stop Piracy.

The most popular torrent website TPB has always responded to all the canons and guns blazing at it.

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