h33t is being propagated to new a domain [Update]

lawsuit (p2p)


If you haven't been able to access the website with h33t.eu domain lately, you don't need to be worried about it — it turns out the webadmin is propagating the website to the new domain address.

If you have followed our trick to access the website using the .eu domain - you might be getting the message as shown in the screenshot above.

Update: The website is back online under the new domain name - Click here for more information

h33t did lost their control over the h33t.eu domain, asumably after the court ruling in September. It seems that they are trying to make the website accessible again under the new domain TLD.

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The good news is that the website will be accessible at h33t.to domain, once the webadmin holds off the limited access to it. The message reads:

Congratz you have found a new .to domain. The h33t tracker is offline. I need to do some work to get it working. I am holding h33t offline until the latest DNS update is fully propagated, she will be back within 48 hours. Thank you for your pateince, LD

We just need to wait for few more hours before the services are reinstated as it used to be earlier. You can simply ditch the tutorial we posted on the digitfreak, and try visiting the website at h33t.to after some time.

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We couldn't access the forum section with the "hosts trick" that was used in the tutorial - but, when the website will be propagated to the new domain everything will be accessible without any restrictions.

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