Adobe's new Photoshop CC 14.0 Cracked within just 24 hours of release!

If you remember then back in may Adobe announced a new creative suite but this time to stop piracy and earn more, it declared that the software will be available on a subscription basis from its creative cloud.

It was June 17 when the service was launched on the adobe websites, where the users had multiple payment options and packages depending upon the time and features they want to use. But something tells us that it didn't go as well it was planned.

The range of payments was quite large from $19.99 to $74.99 per month and that seems like a very large sum for just a creative software lineup.

Adobe actually tried a whole lot to stop the software from being pirated, and in that aim it made it necessary to verify the software's legality on a regular basis with an internet connection with the adobe creative cloud. But guess what? In just 24 hours cracked copies of the Photoshop CC was out in the market free for sharing. Can you imagine that?

The copy was actually made live using p2p service via a torrent named Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0 Final Metalanguage. The company and other experts even thought that this must be some kind of a trick, but the torrent seems to be verified through the comments of those who downloaded it.

What doesn't get pass the mind filters is that to make the illegal copy work, there arises a need to bypass or crack Adobe Creative cloud verification system. Although there is only the Photoshop app available, it cannot be said surely if the future won't see other apps of this suite.

Much to Adobe's disappointment, the method by which the software has been cracked will determine if adobe will actually be able to do anything in this regard, till then they can only watch the game go on. For all we know, even the fact that the illegal copies need internet to activate or not is not yet verified.

Talking about what we at DF feels, its only fair that we need to share everything but saying that this case is a crime from the side of crackers only would be wrong, maybe adobe actually needs to lower down its prices and find other better ways of stopping piracy. But is it really piracy when you don't actually have to pay for it, then its just sharing, right? Confused? Share with us ASAP!

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  • Guest - Joey


    $19.99 every month for Photoshop's new "smart sharpen" sharpening tools and minor tweaks? There is no visual UI changes and no other overall improvements. Maybe they will do it with time and cloud service they provide will sure provide better updates.
    It makes sense photoshop cs 6 is that last version that we own, because any future version is available only on rent, officially by adobe.

  • If you are not looking for the professional photo editing tool then it might not be it. But, you need to have a quick updates for your favorite image editing tool, then this is the one. You will get latest updates and tools for your PS real quick.

  • Adobe definitely needs to come up with more flexible plans and should have released a stripped down version for students and other basic home usage.
    The whole subscription thing will only work for the large enterprises where dozens or hundreds of employees work together, or for someone who use it for their earnings by various means. But, for small budget usage or basic usage, one will never go for such premium service, which they have to pay monthly - even if they are not using it at all.

  • Agreed! they should have provided a light version of their new package. It just doesn't make sense why I will need to pay every month just to crop or brighten my image a little.