Cisco to pay $70 Millions for fraud and patent Infringement - U.S. District Court, Delaware

Another lawsuit case coming into the light. According to a jury, the multinational company Cisco will have tp pay up about $70 Million in fine for the fraud. The Petition was filed by patent licenser XpertUniverse Inc, which says that cisco has used two technologies that were developed by the new york company. On the basis of extra claims the jury has also added an additional damage of $34,000 on the company.

Cisco has been the biggest name in the network companies. It's the world's largest manufacturer of network equipments. But somehow they have been found guilty in this case and now they will have to pay up a huge amount of fine.

According to Cisco, "We are surprised and extremely disappointed with the jury's verdict." This was the statement the company made after the hearing was done. The whole lawsuit was based upon the fact that Cisco made a software platform "Expert on Demand" which is actually based on a software developed by XpertUniverse Inc. XpertsUniverse also claims on that basis that the convicted company is also wrong for violating a non-disclosure agreement.

experts on demand 1

The companies were in a signed agreement that Cisco would distribute the software based on the new tech which would bring customers meeting the requirement of their call center experts. The companies have been working this ways since Cisco came up with this approach in 2004 till 2007. Apparently after that Cisco got away from this relationship and announced next year about the launch of "Experts On Demand.

Cisco even told the court that the jury does have any evidence that the fraud and patent claims are true, still the jury made a decision in favour of XpertsUniverse Inc, which is quite happy with this decision. The case was filed in U.S. District court , District of Delaware and thats where the decision was made.

Whatever comes out of this judgement will be there for everyone to see, till then share what you have in your mind about all this fuss. Was it right to punish Cisco? Or Was there really any evidence at all?

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