"New Cyberlocker website is not a revenge against authorities" - Dotcom

It has been quite a news since a very long time that the famous founder of Megaupload "Kim Dotcom" was arrested and then his website was closed on the charges of copyright infringement. Now that he is back outside although the case is still going , he has recently started a new cyberlocker website that is also a kind of file-sharing website. But he has stated in his statements that this website is not a symbol any revenge against the U.S. Authorities that charged him earlier. The trial against him is going on and if found guilty he will have to face some serious jail time.

Dotcom stated that the new gift from him towards the internet is named Mega.co.nz and this cyberlocker website was supposed to be launched last Sunday, even though he and three of his friends are waiting to be extradited from new Zealand to United states for the trials. The statements from him made it sure that the message reaches out to everybody clearly. They have made it clear that the attempts to take down the website will be completely useless even though it holds no objectionable content.

"This is not some kind of a finger to the U.S. Government or to the Hollywood. Legally, there's just nothing there that could be used to shut us down. This site is just as legitimate and has the right to exist as Dropbox, Boxnet and other competitors" said Dotcom.

Kim dotcom has an estate in the bucolic hills of coatesville, which is just outside of Auckland, New zealand. Apart from the estate of such a famous person the place is not known for other than sheep, rugby and the Hobbit. If you are wondering that if there is trial already going on for him how can he be able to launch another website and that too related to the file sharing. Then you should know that the terms of his bail are compliant with the launching of new website according to his lawyer Ira Rothken.

"Even if we wanted to, we can't go into your file and snoop and see what you have in there," added Dotcom.

In the same process dotcom added that the new website that he has launched is completely different that the present megaupload as this one gives some special features to the users using it. One who has uploaded any files has the ability to control which other person can download the files unlike the previous one. Also the uploaded material gets locked under some special encryption and the key to that encryption is only known to the owner of that account or the persons who are priveledged to use that account, no one else can access the data, not even the site owner himself. What seems to the only motive behind is that the encryption thing makes the site owner completely free from the charges against copyright infringement as its the sole responsibility of the account holder.


But what comes as a surprise from the The motion pictures association of America is that they said in a statement that encrypting files will alone not protect Dotcom from liability against charges. Even after all these accussation about his past, he is quite confident that the website will be a huge success and he hoped a large amount of revenue in the first month itself.

As he says in the statement by Dotcom: "I would be surprised if we had less than one million users,".

Earlier the Dotcom mansion which is worth $30 million NZ dollars was raided last year at dawn when his whole family was sleeping. This raid was done on the basis of a request made by the FBI and about 70 officers took part in that raid. The officers took all the files and computers and costly cars with number plates like "HACKER", "MAFIA", and "EVIL". What later came into light the New Zealand government used illegal methods and warrant to spy on the man who is a citizen of that country.

"Every time you hear a helicopter, you automatically think, 'Oh, another raid', so it's something that stays with you for a long time, me and my whole family are still scared when sometimes a sudden loud noise is heard" said Dotcom,


Dotcom says that he has noble notions in the future towards the freedom and development of the internet as it looks like from the following statements.

"I had to grow up, you know, I was a big baby, Big baby with too much money usually leads to baby craziness. I am going to be more of a person that wants to help to make things better and help internet innovation to take off without all these restrictions by governments. That is going to be my primary goal if this business is successful."

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