iPhone 5S new leaked images suggests iphone 5S production


iphone 5s housing caseThe new leaked images suggests that the iPhone 5S is on its way. The images posted by a chinese tech site, reveals the iphone housing case and the internal circuits. While we are still hearing the rumors about the device, it may be concluded that the production is already going on.

It is nearly identical to the iPhone 5, with the new updated vibration motors (some people complained that the iPhone 5's vibration motor is too noisy). Beyond the minor known difference the new iPhone 5S might be the identical gadget with very less to convince you for an upgrade from your previous device.

iphone 5s leaked imageApple launched iPhone 5 last september and iPhone 6 rumors are obvious to be originating from various sources.

iPhone 6 is rumored to have the bigger screen (increasing from 4.8 inches to 6 inches) according to the chinese website.

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