Microsoft will not release the teen-mature rated games in Windows 8 App store

Microsoft has many who are always ready for its negative criticism, and they already had Windows 8 on their target, and now to their aid has come a new topic. Windows manufacturers have now declared that they are not going to sell the mature rated games in United states and games with 16+PEGI rating in Europe.

For some this could be a great thing and that category includes the parents but the main users are the ones who play these games. And now to their dislike they are gonna be angry about this.

Earlier they were stuck in another controversy which was found out in the windows 8 operating system. Actually it was the new app-certification requirements implied over the users.

Whats shocking about this new decision is that they not only allow M-Rated games on its x-box 360 but also it releases many of them. Most of the users pay and play these games because they feel like its actually upto their mark but after this sudden decision of windows its going to upset the users.

When the new operating system of Microsoft is just on the line, some say that they have done a bad decision and it might pull them further into this mesh of controversies. In the same area of discussion, a Washington based company was under constant fire from its core members and the main highlanders of the gaming industry for its rules and regulations of the windows 8 store.

Lets see what the outcome is when they are going to actually step foot in the market. Microsoft is scheduled to release windows 8 on October 26th, and then only we will know how the public and critics respond.

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