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Automobile industry is fast moving towards automation and though total automation is still a longshot, some of the features are expected to become standard in the near future.

Audi has entered the Google Lunar X Prize competition for the coveted mission that plans to send a rover to the moon.

As if 128 GB wasn't enough already, Sandisk went ahead and released 200GB microSD card. We discussed what it has to offer over predecessor, and whether you should buy it?

Forget PowerBank and spare batteries to keep your smartphone going throughout the day. An insanely powerful smartphone is here.

Huawei Honor 7 announced in China with tons of high-end features. Sale begins July 7th, 2015.

Augmented reality is just around the corner, and it's incredibly exciting.

From 29th of June (the end of this month), Reddit will go HTTPS completely and of course, will get more securer enabling users to read their favorite sub-reddits with peace in mind. The plaintext HTTP-traffic will be permanently refused by the site soon.

Indian music streaming website was apparently hacked, whose origination appears to be pakistan. The hacker released an online searchable database, which was later patched by the Gaana security team.

A new bug discovered allows anyone to crash an iPhone by sending a simple text message, which forces it to shut down.

Jurassic World is breaking every box office records set by Avengers. It is generating a lot of media hype. We are really excited about new take on the Classic Jurassic Park, excietd to see how this cult movie is getting new spin.

Are you looking for PowerBank to feed your power hungry smartphone to help make it to the end of the day? Honor PowerBank might just be the one that gives you freedom to do almost anything with your phone (yeah, almost!).

Every red-blooded gamer always looks forward to the E3 announcements. Some years we are faced with news announcements that are below expectations and other years, we are bombarded with some truly mind-blowing content.

Every week iOS gets bundles of application launched but there are only few that are worth wasting your time on. Even this week many apps and games have been launched, lets have a look at top five that are worth downloading.

Google Play Store has huge variety of application, so much so that it can be intimidating at times. Here are Top five application of the week that one should look forward to downloading.

ATOM the modularity editor from the Git Hub is one of the most preferred open source editors in the current. The beta version of the editor was free for download for quite a sometime and now they have launched the stable version of the application.

Market Movers

Facebook, Inc.

NMS : FB - 01 Jul, 4:00pm
+1.15 (+1.34%) After Hours:
Open 86.77 Mktcap 244.06B
High 87.95 52wk Hight 89.40
Low 86.49 52wk Low 62.21
Vol 25.26M Avg Vol 23.88M
Eps 2.00 P/e 84.13
Currency: USD

Google Inc.

NMS : GOOG - 01 Jul, 4:00pm
+1.33 (+0.26%) After Hours:
Open 524.73 Mktcap 356.11B
High 525.69 52wk Hight 598.01
Low 518.23 52wk Low 486.23
Vol 1.96M Avg Vol 1.72M
Eps 28.35 P/e 24.66
Currency: USD

Microsoft Corporation

NMS : MSFT - 01 Jul, 4:00pm
+0.295 (+0.668%) After Hours:
Open 44.460 Mktcap 359.54B
High 45.230 52wk Hight 50.050
Low 44.100 52wk Low 40.120
Vol 28.34M Avg Vol 34.35M
Eps 2.420 P/e 18.450
Currency: USD

Apple Inc.

NMS : AAPL - 01 Jul, 4:00pm
+1.17 (+0.94%) After Hours:
Open 126.92 Mktcap 729.35B
High 126.94 52wk Hight 134.54
Low 125.99 52wk Low 92.57
Vol 30.24M Avg Vol 44.74M
Eps 9.03 P/e 15.73
Currency: USD

Yahoo! Inc.

NMS : YHOO - 01 Jul, 4:00pm
+0.04 (+0.10%) After Hours:
Open 39.46 Mktcap 36.91B
High 39.78 52wk Hight 52.62
Low 39.15 52wk Low 32.93
Vol 6.40M Avg Vol 13.98M
Eps 0.77 P/e 5.37
Currency: USD


Looks like I found my next phone, can't wait for it to release in India.
Really helpful article for someone who use android.
Swadesh Shanker Parasher - Replied to comment # 1762 on YU Band: The Best Health Band ... in Joomla Article
YuFit was expected to go on sale in June, but there is no word so far. We will sure post an update w...
Bijay Budhathoki - Commented on Watch this guy beat Super Mari... in Joomla Article
this is epic
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Music lovers who use Apple can now rejoice as Apple released its fourth most important update of the Operating System and started to roll out IOS 8.4 yesterday. While some are still waiting with baited breaths for the  IOS 9 to arrive, let me tell you that the new update has come with many features worth having.

Updating your Smartphone is always an exciting prospect. We usually update for latest version of android or to get latest security updates and features. Updating to latest version of android like Android L and being first among your friends and bragging about it could also be one of the reasons to update your phone.

If you are very fond of taking selfies and you never forget to carry your selfie stick whenever you travel, watch out before you enter any of Disney theme parks now onwards!

Frequently used hindi words 'arey' and 'yaar' are no longer just Indian. Oxford included them into the dictionary as official word, which is now popular in English as well.

Watch this guy beat Super Mario Blindfolded [Video]

Most of us spent our childhood playing SuperMario Bros. and Contra with our friends and family. And sometimes we would show off our ability to complete the game within said timeframe or expertise, but can we beat this guy?

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