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In this article, I go back and talk about the most juiciest bits of information from last week.

Beaming internet directly from a satellite to your computer might soon be a reality and this will help with making the internet available to almost everyone on earth.

Lamborghini has raised the curtains from 2016 Aventador SV Roadster at pebble beach today. Have a look at this marvelous beauty.

Samsung Executives are now teasing the Gear S2 on social media.

We are giving away Xiaomi Mi Band. Participate to win!

Apple will switch to six-element lenses starting the iPhone 7) that would be specifically built for the new 12MP iPhone 6s camera (and iPhone 6s Plus) sensors.

If you upgraded your computer to Windows 10 - congratulations! you just agreed to Microsoft's EULA that allows them to disable any piece of software on your machine.

We hide behind VPN, thinking we're anonymous, but the truth is scary. The WebRTC vulnerability can never be fixed unless you remove it manually.

A new Android bug is considered as one of the worst security vulnerability in the history. Here's what it really is and how to keep your device safe.

eSports is growing, and there are some exciting things to come from it because of its growth.

Here are four ways to make money from CS: GO’s ESL One Cologne 2015 Tournament.

Xiaomi unveils MIUI 7 today, expected to roll out to several Mi smartphones shortly.

The latest update introduced a new set of emoji for Whatsapp on Android devices.

The most popular Android emulator is now available for Windows 10 allowing you to play your favourite Android games or run any other app on your computer.

Google released a dedicated website for Google hangouts. Do we need it?

Market Movers

Facebook, Inc.

NMS : FB - 27 Aug, 4:00pm
+2.54 (+2.91%) After Hours:
Open 89.19 Mktcap 252.82B
High 90.06 52wk Hight 99.24
Low 87.19 52wk Low 70.32
Vol 42.43M Avg Vol 30.76M
Eps 2.07 P/e 91.19
Currency: USD

Google Inc.

NMS : GOOG - 27 Aug, 4:00pm
+8.99 (+1.43%) After Hours:
Open 639.40 Mktcap 437.10B
High 643.59 52wk Hight 678.64
Low 622.00 52wk Low 486.23
Vol 3.49M Avg Vol 2.32M
Eps 28.92 P/e 30.04
Currency: USD

Microsoft Corporation

NMS : MSFT - 27 Aug, 4:00pm
+1.19 (+2.79%) After Hours:
Open 43.14 Mktcap 351.11B
High 43.95 52wk Hight 50.05
Low 42.92 52wk Low 39.72
Vol 50.94M Avg Vol 33.22M
Eps 2.69 P/e 29.66
Currency: USD

Apple Inc.

NMS : AAPL - 27 Aug, 4:00pm
+3.23 (+2.94%) After Hours:
Open 112.25 Mktcap 643.95B
High 113.24 52wk Hight 134.54
Low 110.02 52wk Low 92.00
Vol 84.62M Avg Vol 54.06M
Eps 9.13 P/e 13.06
Currency: USD

Yahoo! Inc.

NMS : YHOO - 27 Aug, 4:00pm
+1.17 (+3.60%) After Hours:
Open 33.33 Mktcap 31.72B
High 33.77 52wk Hight 52.62
Low 32.95 52wk Low 29.00
Vol 19.11M Avg Vol 12.82M
Eps 0.67 P/e 4.68
Currency: USD


KAUSHIK MEDHI - Commented on OnePlus 2 International Giveaw... in Joomla Article
Finally the result is out and its exactly as it is whatever I have predicted earlier. This Sai has W...
Evgeny Brynev - Commented on Xiaomi Mi Band International G... in Joomla Article
I really sympathize with Xiaomi
Ana Georgievska - Commented on Xiaomi Mi Band International G... in Joomla Article
Cool one again , thanks
kabil jbeli - Commented on Xiaomi Mi Band International G... in Joomla Article
i wish i could win this time

Top Stories

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The posts made through Facebook Notes will be wider, include a big cover image, and will be presented with large clean text and a clear headline.

Youtube Gaming is looking to take the video game streaming world by storm. Does it have what it takes to beat Twitch.tv?

Windows 10 is spying on you, but you can stop it right now using this simple tool which can disable them all with a single click.

Watch World's best Counter Strike players compete with each other in the premiere eSports tournament.

This Aperture wrench will make you wanna unscrew all the nuts and bolts on your machine, and screw it all over again.

Understanding the basic concepts of SEO can help individuals and businesses to achieve great online success by effectively using the right keywords to achieve their goals.

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